If you read my recent posts, you know that I have been longing to be creative again.  I mentioned that I would be participating in a couple of shows and I’ve come up for air since these experiences. A few weeks ago, I participated in the Junk in the Trunk Show in San Diego and most recently at the Sister’s Pop Up Show in Los Alamos.  I learned so much!  Being on the promoter side, I work mostly with logistics, marketing and the needs of the vendor and customer.  Participating as a vendor was such a wonderful learning experience.  Here are some things that I learned:

  1. Prepping for a show involves a lot of details. Traveling, hunting, buying, cleaning, pricing, packing and then you are finally to the creative part, setting up your booth.
  2. Traveling to the show.  Since I live in the Central Coast, we had a long drive to San Diego.  Seven hours!
  3. Setting up for a show.  Since the San Diego show was an outdoor show, you need to set up a tent.  Thankfully, I spoke to other vendors on the best tent to buy.  It makes such a difference!
  4. Once you haul all your inventory to your booth, then it is setting up your space so that it will be inspiring to the customer.  This is the fun part!
  5. Day one of show.  Now, I understand how nervous the vendors feel right before the show.  You hope that you have bought the right merchandise and that the customer will fall in love with it and purchase.
  6. End of first day.  Now I know the meaning of every part of your body hurting but feeling happy how the day went.
  7. Last day of show.  Usually slower but such a time for camaraderie with all the vendors.  I loved watching how the vendors are so happy to be with each other and sharing their experiences.  I felt honored to be included with them as a vendor!
  8. Packing up.  This part was funny to me.  I sold well and thought, packing up will be a breeze!  I am packing up the van and my hubby turns to me and asks, “I thought you sold a lot?”  How is it that your van is as full as it was when you first started?  Pretty funny!
  9. Arrive home, unpack the van, return the rental and finally get home to put up your feet!

I have a new admiration for vendors.  Boy, do they work hard! They basically are setting up their little pop-up shop at each event.  They are not ordering product from the comfort of their office but trudging through fields, barns, garages, in the heat and cold of each day hunting for inventory.  Lifting, hauling, and cleaning of their treasures to then pack and haul to every event they participate in.  Watching them, makes me reconsider when I see something I want and wondering if the vendor will take less. Sometimes they will but I will now think twice before asking.  They work so hard to bring their treasures to a show!

I enjoyed watching the family that is created amongst the fellow vendors.  Very special…

All in all, a great experience and you will see Remnants participating at a few shows!

Sister’s Gift and Home Pop-Up Show