It has been so hard to be quiet about what was happening with Remnants but I can finally break the silence!

Orange County Here We Come!

When Remnants of the Past was founded in the Fall of 2007, we were located on this charming farm with a large grassy area and a barn.  A small amount of vendors would set up in the Barn and the rest of the vendors were on the grassy meadow next to the Barn.  It was idyllic and the perfect venue for an open-air market.  The vendors and customers loved the location!  Unfortunately, we had to move because of the size of the crowds and the agriculture department was breathing down our necks because there were too many people for the location.  We had to relocate.  The customers and the vendors still speak of how they loved that location and the ambiance!

Since that move, I have been searching for a similar venue with that special kind of ambiance. Unfortunately, every place I loved, was under the same agriculture regulations and very expensive.  I kept searching and searching.  One day on one of my google searches looking for a venue, a charming barn and meadow popped up in Google images.  I immediately started researching it and made an appointment to walk the grounds.  Red Barn in the background, grassy courtyard meadow, vegetable gardens, and your resident cow munching away.  Remnants found its new home. This little farm, Centennial Farms, was tucked away on one end of the OC Fair & Event Center along with a meadow, beside the barn, called Country Meadow.  Parking, logistics covered, located in a highly populated location close to major freeways. Perfect!



Meadow where Remnants will be.

The barn next to the meadow.

Remnants of the Past has a new home for its Spring and Fall shows! I am excited to announce that Remnants of the Past will be at the Country Meadows in Centennial Farms at the OC Fair & Event Center on Friday, May 12th and Saturday, May 13th, 2017.